Pool Table Leveling

Keep your pool table in top playing condition.

Tired of an unleveled table and unbalanced gameplay?

An unleveled table affects the level of gameplay and the roll of the ball and can lead to frustration. Not to worry we offer a solution to level your table exactly perfect.

We’ll leave you with a perfectly flat surface for smooth gameplay.

Finding that the pool balls aren’t rolling right?

Anytime a pool table is moved it will need to be re-leveled. In some situations, the table could be not level due to a structural change or abuse. If only a slight adjustment is required.

We can re-level the pool table by placing shims under the legs to bring it into a rough level position. In more severe cases or when the player requires perfection, we must access the slate mounting hardware which requires removing the rails and cloth from the slates.


How it works

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3. Get it done

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