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Pool Table Refelting

Premium service

We'll replace your old or damaged felt with new felt.

We use grade premium 22 Oz felt, in a variety of vibrant colors, durable and made to last and enhance your table performance and game performance as the ball will roll smoother and much more consistent. As compared to lower quality felt that's in the market today that wears down faster, which will require more frequent and costly fixes.

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Thinking about replacing your felt to give your table a new look and renovated appearance?

Or due to wear & tear or an accident? We can help!

Our quality felt along with the workmanship of our professional installers will rejuvenate your tables look and play.

  • New felt application to pool table bumpers and slate.
  • Choose between a variety of colors!
  • Also, a good time to replace cushions, available on most tables for an additional fee.

Our service included:

  • Partial disassembly, our technicians will remove the existing felt from the slate bed to the bumpers.
  • Cleaning of slate and bumpers to prepare for new felt.
  • The cloth will be stretched over the slate and a new baulk line spot position will be marked.
  • Reconditioning, re-assembling, and adjustments of parts and cushions made by our professionals which is a careful process that requires experience.
  • The cloth will be brushed, the cushions refitted and the table will be professionally recovered.
  • Get upgraded to premium Teflon coated guarded felt, for extra durability and better playing speed.

Give your table an attractive and renovated look with our premium refelt service.

Championship Felt Colors

Please note that these swatches are shown as color-guides only. Every computer screen displays colors slightly differently.