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Pockets & Bumpers Replacement

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We will replace your old bumpers or Pockets for a new ones.

We can guarantee to you that we use the best materials of highest durability and performance in the billiards industry, don't risk getting second tier and inferior lower quality cushions which will deteriorate fastly.

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high quality, excellent prices!


Renew your pockets and get rid of those old deteriorated pockets.

We carefully select our providers to give you the best genuine leather pockets and not any of these knock off synthetic pockets. Because we make the promise to the consumer to use only the highest or quality and durable materials.

high quality, excellent prices!


Our cushions are extra durable made of 100% rubber and high-speed label.

The replacement of bumpers if very important as bumpers are an essential part of the gameplay experience, as it allows the balls to have sharper bounce back, it also contributes to the overall health of your felt and allows for even distribution of all angles of the rolling of the ball that way it's doesn't wear out and burn out the fibers of the felt.